the Royal Baby at any Moment? As “” reported, was spotted in front of Frogmore Cottage, the estate of Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37), an outpatient clinic. For Royal Fans, it is clear that the hot Phase begins. Already been 24 hours since the vehicle ready in front of the entrance, it says in the report. In the air space above Frogmore Cottage has a spotted also a helicopter.

a team of Doctors on call

insiders suspected that the Duchess is bringing her first child in the context of a home birth to the world. A team of Doctors to be on call in case of complications intervene at any time.

The Palace announced in a Statement at the beginning of April, that Meghan and Harry want to celebrate the birth of their first child, initially at rest. Meghans mother Doria Ragland (62) travelled on the 21. April, to her daughter to assist at the birth of the Royal baby.

Is just the outpatient clinic of the driving school?

Camilla Tominey, employee of the newspaper “Telegraph”, asked, in the meantime, however, at the ambulance headquarters, and there told her, the said ambulance is a driving school car only. True or just a diversion? For Tominey is clear: “It can take several days,” tweeted she. (wyt)