the Same day, as a warehouse worker had protested against the lack of protective equipment, he was fired by Amazon.

Amazon has fired a warehouse worker, who had organized a strike to demand better protective equipment against coronaviruses.

It writes NBC News.

Chris Smalls, a warehouse worker at Amazon’s facilities on Staten Island in New York City, says that he was fired on Monday afternoon local time after the strike.

Smalls and other employees had requested the work to protest against the lack of protection after a warehouse worker was tested positive for coronavirus last week.

According to the organizers attended at least 50 people in the arbejdsnedlæggelsen.

– Amazon would rather fire employees than take responsibility for his total failure by not making it necessary to keep us, our families and our communities safe, said Chris Smalls in a statement, according to NBC News.

I am outraged, and disappointed, but I’m not shocked. As usual, Amazon will rather sweep a problem under the carpet than to ensure that the employees have it good.

A spokesperson for Amazon confirms to NBC News that Chris Smalls has been fired.

According to the spokesperson got the Smalls “several warnings” to violate the guidelines for social distance, as he allegedly refused to remain in quarantine, after he had been in close contact with a person who was tested positive for the virus.

– In spite of the instruction to be flat with the pay he came up today, the 30. march, and the exposed employees for the additional risk, says the spokesperson.

Amazon call Chris Smalls’ allegations “unfounded” and says that the company has taken “extreme measures” to ensure that employees are comfortable while they are on the job.

Letitia James, New York’s attorney general, call Amazon’s firing of Chris Smalls for “scandalous”.

– in the Midst of the global pandemic protested Chris Smalls and his colleagues on the lack of precautions from Amazon in order to protect them from Covid-19. Today was Chris Smalls lighthouse, she said in a statement on Monday american time.

Letitia James goes on to say that her office “is considering all legal options”.

She calls at the same time the american committee for working to investigate the incident.