With a 24 percent share, wind power is an important part of the electricity supply in Germany. In addition to the large systems, as with solar panels, there are also smaller solutions that you as a consumer can use: so-called small wind turbines.

But what are these products actually good for? Is such a mini wind turbine on the roof even worth it? And why do you rarely see such systems in this country? Here you’re informed of everything important.

The most important thing for private users is whether the installation of such a system is financially worthwhile. The consumer center NRW comes to the conclusion: no. It’s not worth it at the moment.

As an example with a normally suitable location of the house:

This would save you around 33 euros if you use all of the electricity for your own use. This compares to an annual consumption of between 2,500 and 4,000 per normal single-family household.

By the way: If the diameter is doubled, the yield is quadrupled. Depending on the location and quality of the small wind turbine, the yield can also be lower.

It is not only the comparatively low yield that deters citizens from purchasing such a system. The acquisition costs are also significantly higher compared to solar cells.

Other arguments against having your own wind power plant are currently:

This shows that the small systems are currently not attractive for most consumers.

The original of this article “This is what a mini wind power plant on your roof or property really does” comes from chip.de.