Alternative history: Auschwitz was liberated by the Americans and the Ukrainians

In the jubilee year of victory over fascism in the West was a real epidemic of falsification of history of the Second world war. This infection affects both the heads of state and politicians and the media, sometimes very well-known and respected, and the attempts to rewrite history not previously noted. Minimum program — to belittle the role of the Soviet Union in the defeat of Nazi Germany, the program maximum — to equate Hitler and Stalin and dump them equal responsibility for the outbreak of the bloodiest war in the history of mankind.

for Example, the leader of Ukraine Zelensky after the infamous visit to Israel, where he avoided events in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, arrived in Poland. At the ceremony in honor of the liberation of Nazi camps Auschwitz (Auschwitz) Zelensky remembered Ukrainians storming the death camp in Poland. And yet — pointedly Lviv division and the 1st Ukrainian front.

“We will never forget Igor Pobirchenko, tank commander T-34, which together with the crew first broke the gates of Auschwitz, all the soldiers of the shock battalion of the 100th Lviv division, who entered the camp under the leadership of the Poltava Jewish origin of Anatoly Shapiro. Together fighters of 322 th division of the 1st Ukrainian front liberated the camp,” said Zelensky.

not a word about the red Army. Only one Ukrainian, and one Jew. Despite the fact that the Lviv division of the second formation, and it was she, was completed in Vologda, Arkhangelsk military district of the military service of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions and the Komi ASSR. And the names of fronts as operative organizations in the red Army were given the directions of their actions. For example, the Caucasian front, the Ukrainian or Belarusian front, they had their own rooms. It is clear that no part of the red Army during the great Patriotic war were not formed on a national basis.

Distinguished journalists of the German magazine Spiegel has published in the Twitter post where the death camp Auschwitz onhas releases the Americans. Although it was — again to memorize the Red Army. Later, however, the message is fixed, apologizing “for the extremely embarrassing mistake”.

But the Americans to apologize not used to. The U.S. Embassy in Denmark issued a tweet about the liberation of Auschwitz by American troops. After criticism from users at the Embassy acknowledged the error, but remove the text did not.

faced With injustice and the seemingly undisputed heroes of the red Army, and Soviet sailors. So, the legendary commander of the submarine s-13 Alexander Marinesko long been accused that it sank a German civilian ship almost women and children on Board. In fact, and newly declassified documents confirm this: Marinesko destroyed torpedo launch 10-deck liner “Wilhelm Gustloff”, which officially was part of the Navy of Nazi Germany. On Board were more than 10 thousand Germans, most of the cadets submarines — naval officers and their teams, ready to go out on combat missions. After this brilliant attack, which happened 75 years ago, Hitler called Marinesco his personal enemy.

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