Just like the Premier League earlier in the day, the Series is A Friday, and decided for the sake of the coronacrisis until further notice, no competitions. “It will only be considered for the match to resume when the condition allows it”, the Italian prof league, after a video conference with all interested parties, a press release noted.

in The Premier League and Serie A to follow the rules laid down by the European football union (UEFA) on Thursday issued a circular to its member states, has sent. In the Belgium Pro League and went on a Thursday at this point, with the recommendation of the Jupiler Pro League to stop it.

up Until today, there was a return to Italy in early may as the official date on the books, but that was very unlikely to happen. It has been used since the 8th of march no longer play football in Italy. There are twelve full days have been in the Series.

The Series A had later in her statement, it is also called “take into account the decisions taken by the government”. “The protection of health and to all the people involved in the games will remain the priority. We will continue to be for the next few days, be in contact with the representatives of the companies that have the reach and impact of the feline corona virus is constantly analyzing.”

Italy is the world’s worst-hit country is due to the corona virus with a nearly 14,000 dead and more than 115 000 of the infections.
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