The market capitalisation climbed so temporarily to a new record high of approximately 1,003 trillion dollars. In order for Microsoft to move ahead of the iPhone giant Apple – which brings it up-to-date on a market value of about 980 billion dollars – as the highest U.S.-rated-joint-stock company.

Apple had achieved in the past year as the first U.S. companies temporarily to a thirteen-digit market capitalisation, after which it was briefly the world’s largest Online retailer Amazon managed.

For price buoyancy in the case of Microsoft is a strong business provided the report. The company has made to the beginning of the year thanks to the booming Cloud services, significantly more profit and sales.

In the fiscal third quarter (to end March) to put the Surplus in the year-on-year by 19 percent to $ 8.8 billion. The Microsoft announced on the eve, according to U.S. close of trading at the company’s headquarters in Redmond in the U.S. state of Washington.

revenue rose 14 percent to 30.6 billion dollars. Thus, the expectations of analysts were clearly exceeded, the shares posted already increase after trading hours led to a significant price. Microsoft benefited, once again, particularly from the lucrative Cloud-business-services on the Internet. The flagship of the Azure platform for the company – the company’s sales climbed by 73 percent.