Almost half of the countries WTO members have imposed restrictions on the export of medical products

80 countries have banned or restricted the export of medical masks, gloves and protective equipment to prevent their shortages in the country since the pandemic began in the fashion industry. About it reports Reuters with reference to the world trade organization (WTO).

72 countries and territories that are members of WTO, have introduced such measures, and only 13 of them have notified the organization of its decision. The lack of transparency in the introduction of restrictions and the failure of international cooperation could seriously undermine efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus.

“Although the introduction of measures to limit exports and to understand, the lack of international cooperation in this area can lead to the fact that countries that rely on imports will be so cut off from necessary supplies, as well as supply shock”, — the report says the WTO.

the work Also notes that “violation of the established supply chains of medical products because such measures can lead to the inability to access urgently needed resources.”

WTO Rules generally prohibit any export restrictions, but there are some exceptions that allow you to take interim measures to “prevent critical shortages of foodstuffs or other products essential to the exporting country or solve this problem.”

last month, the leaders of G-20 countries said that any measures to combat coronavirus should be “targeted, relevant, transparent and temporary,” since then, however, there are new export restrictions.