The economic loss in developing countries is expected, according to the united nations to exceed 220 billion dollars as a result of the corona.

There is found coronavirus in virtually all countries in Africa, and the continent must reckon with significant consequences as a result of coronakrisen.

It assesses the UN’s largest development organisation, the UNDP.

According to the UNDP, almost half of all jobs in Africa are lost.

Moreover, the expected economic losses that exceed 220 billion dollars in developing countries. This corresponds to approximately 1481 billion.

Consequences can extend on to have a negative impact on education, human rights and “in the most serious cases, basic food safety”, says the UNDP’s assessment.

Hospitals with a lack of resources and fragile health systems in developing countries is likely to become overwhelmed during the crisis, says it is on.

Personal hygiene and precautions are important to prevent hospitals being overloaded.

the UNDP points out that up to 75 percent of the populations in developing countries lack access to soap and water.

– This pandemic is a health crisis. But not just a health crisis. Over large parts of the globe will the pandemic leave deep, deep scars.

Without the support from the international community we risk that the progress over the last two decades will be lost, says the administrator UNDP Achim Steiner.