Dramatic scenes take place in downtown Lübeck. A bus driver collapses at the wheel. A passenger prevents something worse from happening.

Thanks to the courageous intervention of a passenger, a wheelchair user was not run over by a driverless bus near Lübeck’s Holsten Gate. The man noticed that the bus driver had suddenly collapsed behind the wheel and also saw the wheelchair user on the street, a police spokesman told the German Press Agency on Saturday. “That’s why he had the presence of mind to quickly steer to the left. Otherwise the wheelchair user would have been completely hit. The bus occupant did a good job.” The bus finally came to a stop because of the curb. During the short drive without control on Saturday, the vehicle struck several traffic signs and a lantern.

According to information, there were 20 to 25 people on the bus. They remained unhurt. “At least physically. Five of them were treated for shock injuries,” the spokesman reported. This is also very understandable in such a Hollywood situation.

According to the information, the bus driver probably had a heart attack. He was able to be resuscitated by the emergency services and was taken to a hospital.