Allowance for children from 3 to 7 years will be given certificates

According to the Minister, earlier, for the assignment of benefits and payments to citizens had to independently prove the need and to confirm your income. Now, as previously reported by the Ministry of labor, family would be enough just to submit the application electronically (via the portal), or contact the IFC or social security, the rest of the package of documents, including data on family income, will be obtained through interagency cooperation.

Photo: iStock the Certificate on matkapital family will receive automatically

In the statement will need to specify the minimum amount of information. The bodies of social security checks through the Registrar the fact of birth of the child. To determine the level of family income and means testing will involve information resources of the Federal tax service, Pension Fund, Rosreestr, the Ministry of interior.

the Recipients of the payments will be those families with per capita income less than the subsistence minimum. If a family has several children aged 3 to 7 years, the benefit will be assigned to each child. In this case, previously assigned to the citizens of regional payments will be retained in full.

Payment is established once a year. The money will be paid from July 1 retroactively, as the law consolidated payments from 1 January 2020. That is, you can get the money immediately for 6 months. But it is the case that by 1 January the child is older than 3 years. If three years was fulfilled in the period from January to June, the family will get extra pay from the time the child reaches the age of 3 years.

the amount of the allowance will be 50% of the regional minimum subsistence level for a child. The national average is about 5,500 rubles.