The controversial party song “Layla” should not be played at the upcoming Düsseldorf fair with up to four million visitors. The organizers of the St. Sebastianus rifle club made a corresponding decision. “I think this song belongs everywhere – just not on our fairground,” said Schützen boss Lothar Inden of the German Press Agency. The city of Düsseldorf had previously spoken to the organizers about “Layla”.

Pop singer Ikke Hipgold is particularly happy about the controversial discussion about the song, he co-produced “Layla” with his label “SummerField Records”. “It’s all a huge promotion for us,” he told

He thinks Layla fits the spirit of the times and doesn’t have any aspects that shouldn’t be allowed. “The song is Ballermann culture and music culture, and I’m happy that we get so much support from the city of Würzburg. Thank you!” said the Malle star. The Würzburg Kiliani Festival put the current number 1 hit on the charts on the red list and initiated the discussion.

And as it is with prohibitions: “What is forbidden becomes even more interesting.” And if the festival visitors sing their summer anthem by heart and a cappella, nobody can forbid them to do so.

Interpreter DJ Robin had previously commented on the debate. He told the “Bild” newspaper: “The song ‘Layla’ is not about a prostitute, it’s about a brothel. She looks after the prostitutes and runs the whorehouse. Therefore there is no sexism in the song.”

The DJ continues: “People used to sing ‘scandal in the restricted area’ or ‘we’re going to the whorehouse in Barcelona’. So we can’t quite understand the discussion. Everyone can have their opinion, but in every German rap song the lyrics are worse. Nobody gets upset about that.”

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann also commented on the case. “You don’t have to like pop lyrics. You can even find them goofy or tasteless. But to ban them officially, I think, is one too many,” wrote the FDP politician on Twitter on Tuesday evening. At the beginning of the week it became known that “Layla” could not be played at the Würzburg Kiliani folk festival at the urging of the city. A city spokesman said that the organizers of the folk festival had asked the marquee operator not to play the song anymore.

After the shooters had promised that the song should be banned in marquees and rides, the city saw no reason for a ban, according to a spokeswoman. However, the administration saw “no legal basis” for this either.

Schützen boss Inden told the dpa that he had not known the song before and then dealt with the content. The text in no way corresponds to the customs of his traditional club. In the Ballermann hit by DJ Robin

At the beginning of the week it became known that “Layla” could not be played at the Würzburg Kiliani folk festival at the urging of the city. At the much larger Düsseldorf fair, there are numerous rides and several marquees where bands and DJs play every evening. A Mallorca party is also planned. The fair starts on July 15th and runs until July 24th.

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