Alla Pugacheva

— Isolation- all, and can again meet with friends and walk without restrictions. What is Alla Pugacheva, who told and showed the fans how her summer. 71-year-old singer shared on instagram a few photos of pleased followers. In a single shot Diva was captured along with Alexander Buynova, Valentin and Marina Udachlivymi and other friends:

the friends we love are always near,

— reads the caption.

Alla Pugacheva Alexander Buynova, Valentin and Marina Udachlivymi and other

Members appreciated the fresh appearance of the stars — especially a lot of compliments went to her bright green dress with polka dots.

Praise and received a selfie taken Pugacheva in nature:

I Have my own meadow,you come to me my friend,

playfully she signed the photo.

One of the first this post and commented on 44-year-old husband of actress Maxim Galkin:

a Friend is on the way.

Fans of the stars are waiting “otvetochku” in the microblog Galkin, who much more frequently than his wife, to share details of family life with the public, showing how they spend their time and how to grow them with Pugacheva children Harry and Lisa.

Alla Pugacheva with children

Maxim Galkin children