The International Cykelunion (UCI) suspend all cycling up to 3. april

at the same time, reads the message, to the cycling race, scheduled for after the 3. april, also can end in a suspension. This was stated by the UCI on its website.

Here it appears also, that the suspension is happening against the backdrop of the outbreak of the COVID-19.

‘the Athletes’ safety is our priority. Organizations have requested to cancel all cykelbegivenheder in the UCI’s calendar,’ says the press release.

the Paris-Nice, which ended Saturday, is the last race in the next three weeks – as a minimum.

It is now difficult to find a sport where upcoming events have not been suspended or postponed for several weeks.

Football, handball, tennis, badminton, basketball, golf and swimming are just to name some of the sports which right now is on stand-by as a result of the corona virus.

Also several road races in the coming period was already called off as a result of virusudbruddet, which has hit many european nations hard.

For example, BMX and mountainbikeryttere was the next few weeks important in the efforts to secure a ticket to the OLYMPICS in Tokyo, but the UCI has chosen to stop the OLYMPICS-qualifying retroactively.

in Order to make it as fair as possible, all results after 3. march cancelled in the OLYMPICS-the financial statements. The UCI points out that 70-85 percent of the kvalifikationsløbene was settled in the involved cykeldiscipliner.

the OLYMPICS-qualification for landevejsryttere and baneryttere has already been decided.

In the coming period will be the UCI’s headquarters in the swiss Aigle also shut down. From the on Tuesday to the office’s 120 employees work from home.