Kia e-Soul

electric motor 204 HP (150 kW), 395 Nm@1/min, single-stage transmission, front wheel drive, battery 64 kWh
performance: from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 s, top 167 km/h
weight: L/B/H = 4,20/1,80/1,61 m, 1757 kg, the trunk 315-1339 l
fuel consumption: of 15.7 kWh/100 km (gasoline equivalent of 1.9 l/100 km), maximum distance 452 km
price: not yet known

Some of the talk over the Streamers, Kia makes it. The Hyundai sister brand electrified your SUV, what holds the stuff. The Niro will be reviewed, which seems more like a XL-combined for a Crossover, and receives, in addition to hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Version, alternatively, a purely electrical drive. But above all, Kia launched the all-new third-Generation Compact SUV Soul.

gasoline and Diesel are us continues to be a thing of the past – the Soul there, the last of the previous, only with the battery electric soul e-Soul. The cubic appearance of the predecessor remains; the Front with its narrow LED slots seem to have the Kia Designer in the direction of Range Rover Evoque cross-eyed. Nevertheless, the five-seater looks sturdy-stand-alone, without embarrassing on current avant-garde. Electric cars can also simply look cool.

a Lot of space, finally, a new Infotainment

In the interior, look typical to the Kia made – in the Detail-but it is not: the New virtual instruments are reduced; beautiful, because not a lot of electricity-needs a Map. Completely new is also the rotary switch steps for the driving and Infotainment. The slightly frumpy Look of its predecessor is lacking; it knows all of the charging stations, and seeks to command to a free Parking space. Behind the steep windscreen you sit upright, and felt higher than in the technically similar to Niro. The better you look, and on the corners of the vehicle. In addition, the slimmer center console to the driver’s right knee out of the way.

Technically, Kia engages in, Hyundai shared technology shelf. In the e-Soul for the first test drive of the same 204-horsepower electric motor as in the e-Niro and the duration tester Hyundai Kona electric of the view-auto editorial team plugged in and the battery in the sub-floor also provides a 64 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity for theoretically 452 km maximum range. From empty to 80 percent with 50-Kilowatt DC chargers within the store 75 minutes and with 100 kW’s in 54 minutes. To the outlet in the Garage, it takes me endless 31 hours to fully charge; the Wallbox with 7.2 kilowatts of power is worth it because in any case, and reduced to under ten hours.

driving programs with a large spread,

technology off the shelf – you know, so everything already? Nope, because the e-start Soul as fast as the e-Niro, but more relaxed driving in the curves, thanks to a short wheelbase and a little less weight, not so much over the front wheels pushes. Fits in well with the upright Seating and the whisper-quiet drive.

The four driving modes are clearly distinguishable, even without looking at the display: the Sport gets full Power; the accelerator pedal responds very directly. In normal mode, you can. the full force with RM step on the Pedal also retrieve and rolls otherwise rather left then Eco 100 horse felt sent to reinforce in the bedroom, Eco-Plus, the air conditioning, reduces the peak at 90 km/h and shows the phlegmatic page by the e-Soul. Great as in the Niro: The via steering wheel paddle-selectable regenerative braking. Mostly it is supported but with the automatic mode is best. Then the recuperation is reinforced when the front radar reports the approach of a car. So you can almost completely on the brake pedal without.

For the price, it is likely the Outer upward –

go To the cool one would wish for a bit more of a pioneering spirit for the interior concept. But quite as brave, Kia’s engineers were able to scamper, but Outside of Europe, the Soul is sold to as nitro and need space for the engine and transmission. The prices for the Swiss market starting around the turn of the year have not yet been determined, but is expected to start as a result of higher performance and longer reach beyond the 36’900 Swiss francs, of the predecessor.