Rain, snow, fog or just plain darkness: Delineators are an important part of traffic safety and serve as a guide, especially in difficult visibility conditions.

They not only indicate the course of the road, but also serve as a distance meter: on a straight stretch, the white posts are always on the left and right side of the road, but on multi-lane roads only on the right, at a distance of 50 meters from each other.

Drivers can use it to better assess the distance to the car in front and to maintain the minimum distance to be maintained.

In curves or on confusing parts of the road, the delineators are sometimes at a smaller distance from each other.

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Anyone who has ever taken a closer look will have noticed the different markings on the posts while driving. These provide clues to more than just the distance and course.

As a rule, all street posts are the same height, painted white and have a sloping black surface in the upper third.

The white dots and lines are reflectors that enable road users to see the posts even in the dark.

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But there are other markings that give you information about exits, deer crossings or an approaching emergency telephone:

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Driving around a delineator is actually not a trivial offense and should therefore be reported to the police immediately.

If you continue to drive, this can be construed as leaving the scene of an accident without permission or as a hit-and-run. According to Section 142 of the Criminal Code (StGB), you can face a fine or imprisonment of up to three years.

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