Sint-Truiden –

The Sint-Trudo hospital in Sint-Truiden, belgium, place, forced to the doctors as a nurse. Doctors from other departments to jump in. The hospital made a phone call and spontaneously, in response to.

Sint-Trudo, it is a time for all hands on deck. The largest breeding ground of the virus is still in the region of Sint-Truiden, belgium, and the hospital is overrun by patients who have been infected, and of the mechanical ventilation are located.

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the Mayor, Muhammad Ridouani on coronacrisis: “Leuven has a plan to be ready -” < / P>

Yes, the number of infections increases, so the pressure is on hospitals as well, and even though we don’t afsteven on … the Police force of Sint-Truiden, all tachtigplussers, visit < / P>

The city of Sint-Truiden, belgium to put in it coronacrisis have a closer look at the 80 years and older. In the same way as Trudostad 23… Hospital East-Limburg, are looking for new carers in the fight against feline corona virus < / P>

the Hospital East-Limburg, are looking for a new human resources for health in the fight against the pandemic. The corona virus is like this…), Christophe D’haese: “the 50,000 surgical masks that are conducted BY the hospital in receiving are not adequate. Criminal.” < / P>

The staff in the hospitals will be followed. But, in the meantime, continue to be, the doctors, thuisver…