Mullah Krekar was last year sentenced in Italy to have planned terror. He has now been handed over by Norway.

The 63-year-old mullah Krekar is Thursday, been extradited from Norway to Italy.

It says Norway’s justice minister, Monica Mæland, at a press conference.

Delivery has created big headlines in Norway, in a long number of years have tried to throw mullah Krekar out of the country. It writes the Norwegian TV2.

Mullah Krekar, whose real name is Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad, was in July last year sentenced to 12 years in prison at a trial in Italy to have planned terror. The judgment has been appealed.

In February, it was decided that mullah Krekar be handed over to Italy. Ago has coronavirusudbruddet, however, been an obstacle to it.

Justice minister Monica Mæland said that the Italian authorities have assured her that he will be taken responsible against in relation to the outbreak.

– He’s going to get the help that he has a claim, she says.

Mullah Krekar, was taken in Norway in november 2015, in a coordinated action, which was initiated by the Italian police.

He is accused to be the leader of a terrorist network by the name of Rawti Shax, who allegedly linked to the Islamic State.

Police in Italy believe that Krekar was the leader of 16 other kurdish iraqis and kosovar albanians, all of whom were apprehended during the action.

It is for its role in the network, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Brynjar Meling, who is a lawyer for mullah Krekar, is highly dissatisfied with the fact that his client has now been extradited to Italy.

– This is a day of shame for all, that has not prevented the extradition of a blatantly innocent man, says the lawyer.

He adds that mullah Krekar was picked up in the prison on Thursday morning, and that he was not given the opportunity to say goodbye to his family.