After nationwide disruptions in the mobile phone networks, several state authorities gave the all-clear late Thursday evening. Mobile phone calls in the O2 network were temporarily not possible for some users on Thursday. Because of the disruption, the authorities in many parts of Germany have also received increasing reports that the emergency number cannot be reached. The situation calmed down in the evening. In Berlin, the all-clear was given in the evening via the Katwarn and Nina warning systems.

The reason for the restrictions on mobile telephony was a fault on a voice transmission server, O2 announced on Thursday afternoon. However, a large part of the telephone calls can be transmitted via other servers.

They are working flat out to ensure that customers can make unlimited calls again, it said. “We regret the inconvenience and ask for your patience.” Calls with apps like Whatsapp were possible via data transmission servers. The disturbances in parts of Germany continued until the evening.

Deutsche Telekom reported no disruptions. A Vodafone spokesman said there were only slight restrictions on LTE telephony in their own network. However, these are not a problem for customers because their calls are then controlled via the GSM (2G) network. On Thursday afternoon, around 19,500 mobile phone users reported disruptions in the O2 network on the portal.

At, reports of alleged failures at Vodafone and Telekom also increased, although not nearly as much as at O2. The reason for this may have been that Vodafone and Telekom customers called someone in the O2 network and thought that the missing connection was due to their own network – but in fact the network problems at O2 were the reason.

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Not everyone who occasionally drinks beyond their thirst has an addiction problem. Diagnosing alcohol addiction is not easy. Researchers have taken a crucial step to simplify the identification of problem alcohol use.

Two activists from a protest camp in a forest near Bramsche (Osnabrück district) have been arrested by the police. On Wednesday they tried to climb onto a timber harvesting machine that was in use in order to prevent it from working, the police said.

Thomas Gottschalk caused a stir in a Regensburg supermarket on Wednesday. The entertainer sat there at the cash register for an hour. There he volunteered to collect donations for the Child Protection Association.

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