four Metropolitan hospitals angiographic equipment connected to a single radiology information service (RICE). Until the end of September it will connect all the 53 angiography in medical institutions of the Moscow health care system, said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

In the capital, implemented an ambitious project to create a single digital space for health care, including the introduction of a single radiology information service SYSTEM in hospitals.

Medical images and reports of findings according to the results of endovascular interventions are automatically entered into the RICE of the Unified medical information and analytical system (UMIAS) and is available to doctors working in a single digital space. The protocols of the conclusions of the research tools are also available for patients in the electronic medical record on in the application “SYSTEM.INFO”.

“Angiographic CT and MRI studies for the diagnosis of vascular pathology. Based on the results of these studies, the decision about the need for surgery. Before hospitalization the patient had to report the results of studies of extracts of previous hospitalizations and consultations in paper or electronic form. Now thanks to information technology and access to RICE at the stage of planning operations specialist in endovascular treatment, the vascular surgeon have access to an archive of medical images of the patient and his medical records in electronic form in the SYSTEM,” — said Sergey Morozov, chief of radiation and instrumental diagnostics of Moscow, Director of the Center for diagnostics and telemedicine.

the Implementation of the RICE SYSTEM allows you to combine patient data, appointment Clinician and research results. It is not only the transition to electronic documentation, but creating a single information space of the health care system of Moscow: the RICE SYSTEM is connected to all outpatient clinics, being the connection of stationary medical institutions.

RICE is a service of the Unified medical information and analytical system comprising radiologists, rentgenkabinetom, Advisory services and integrated archive of diagnostic images. Is now connected to the system 1106 units of diagnostic equipment.

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