Bari Alibasov Jr. recorded a video message in which she explained the sudden disappearance in the summer of his father — the known producer and the Creator of the group “on-On”. According to the man, the legend of Russian show-business wanted to kill. After the assassination Alibasov was placed in a psychiatric hospital № 1 named after Alekseev, said PR Director Alibasova Vadim Gorjanci.

The son of a producer in his address said that he had found his father dying June 4. After that he immediately took him to the hospital. First he was sent to the doctor Isaev, clinic which is famous for successful work with people suffering from alcohol addiction. That is why Alibasov Jr. a month did not say anything about the disappearance of his father — he didn’t want the society there were rumors about alcoholism and producer. Later, a study was conducted at the hospital Brune — chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health. The survey showed that of the founder of the “na-na” wanted to kill.

Alibasov is now in hospital No. 1, more commonly known as “Kashchenko”. Son is going to take him and all units of the hospital gifts.

I hope that the fact of poisoning attempts will be prosecuted and the guilty will be punished. Father saved, we will defend the property, which, most likely, was the reason for the attempt. And anyone who tried at least to touch a finger to my beloved father, will be a very severe punishment, said Alibasov Jr.

He noted that the suspects in the assassination of ex-assistant of his father Nazarov, former member of the group “Integral” Valery Yurin and Olga Shukshin. According to the son of producer, he’ll tell you everything later.

As previously reported PR-Director Bari Alibasov said about the loss of the producer on the eve of the birthday. 6 Jun musician turned 73 years old, but to celebrate this date he was, apparently, far from loved ones. The thing is that Alibasov June 4, never been out of contact. Presumably, it could take away in an unknown direction Bari Jr.

Later it turned out that Alibasov June 26, was taken to a psychiatric hospital.