in the Morning and in the evening, on the train, in the Tram and on the Bus. You’re listening to music, scrolling on the phone. Nothing just see the pipes in public TRANSPORT. But I would very much recommend, the headphones change down the cell phone put away and just watch. Easy to listen to. I promise you: It can eerily be stimulating.

I sit in the very back, where two elevated benches vis-à-vis placed. I love this place, it has everything in view. My Tram is, as most of the time. At the very rear of, i.e. below, the special seats at the end of a tram compartment (one compartment? Maybe better, a wagon), stand two men. Early 40’s maybe. You are a little dressed conservative, what makes you look well older than you are. You talk like you do so often on a Monday morning – over the past weekend. The a went to his family in the Flumserberge. “My family is away for the week in the Flumsi. I was able to set it up for me so that I could from Thursday for the weekend high,” says one to the other. Well you do not know, you are more likely to be known to each other. The woman was still upstairs with the children. “Aha,” says the other, “beautiful.” Then the Flumsi-type speaks: “But now I do Ego-holidays!”

I asked, of course. I didn’t have to, he continued: “In April I’m going a week on the Canary Islands. Alone. Finally, without a family. Holiday only for me.” His not away the spit, his audience looks at him stunned. And he also asks: “Is your wife also in the Ego-vacation?” I see these Ego-types and think of his wife as she tries to plärrenden children with sticky runny noses, at least for two hours in the ski school to deliver them in the evening duty to read to be aware Gschichtli, while the husband and father of Fuerteventura Bay because he needs the Ego vacation.

But Hey, she is already in the holiday with your dwarves in the flumserberge mountains.