Are the performances of athletes rated too negatively in Germany? Toni Kroos’ interrupted interview triggered a debate. Now ex-Bundesliga coach Zorniger agrees.

Confirmation for Toni Kroos: Toni Kroos gave negative questions from the reporter as the reason for his canceled ZDF interview a few minutes after the Champions League victory. That was typically German, Kroos was annoyed. At “Sport1” ex-Bundesliga coach Alexander Zorniger agrees. The former Stuttgart native has been working abroad for years (currently in Cyprus).

Short, compact, clear

Better not to work in Germany: “The way Toni Kroos reacted in the interview was totally understandable for me because I’ve been abroad for six years,” says Zorniger on “Sport1”. “We have the Kroos issue, then Lucien Favre can no longer imagine working here. Roger Schmidt stays abroad, for me one of the three best coaches we have.”

“You’re still a failure in Germany”: Zorniger continues: “It’s just good when you look at Germany from the outside. Dirk Nowitzki once said umpteen years ago that failure is part of sport in the USA. In Germany you are and will remain a failure.”