Another training manual of the CPS, together with the Ministry of culture, for several days stirring in the theatrical community. And if the audience somehow got used to the fact that will sit in masks, and about the sideboard will have to forget, theater, especially musical, ready to sound the alarm. Because at least 1 item the provisions of the 32 questioned in September in General.

Curve coronavirus infection 4 months ranges from small to huge figures of zarahemla and mortality. At the same time, Russian theatres are their statistics. And, increasingly, the forecasts do not sound very optimistic – “we just won’t be able to open”. It’s not pretentious message, and the hopeless cry from a net tied tightly across the neck of the culture stranglehold.

a long Street filled with pedestrians. Tables for the summer veranda book for a week due to the mad influx of visitors. And rush hour in the subway after a pandemic looks the same as before the infection – the same fish in a barrel without any masks. You can try to hint about a safe distance, to ask you to take the next place and, at best, stumble on perplexing. Should I remind you about the book fair on red square, the Victory parade with the veterans in the stands and marching shoulder to shoulder with soldiers, athletes that RUB against each other in the ring and stadiums. So what culture is worse? Or maybe a theater audience more receptive to Koidu, and he concentrates exclusively in the temples of Melpomene?

that said the artistic Director of Opera Music theatre. K. S. Stanislavsky and VL.And. Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater Alexander Titel.

I would like to sincerely thank you for the exceptional care for the artists and the audience of the theater. But there are many questions. For example, the 21st paragraph of a provision excluding performances with choral and crowd scenes. For the musical theater it makes the whole document is pointless and even superfluous. Historically, the repertoire of Russian Opera theatres more than 90% consists of works of the XIX century. And it is almost the entire body of operas, choral and crowd scenes. Here can be safely attributed to operetta and musical Comedy. That is, if not to dissemble, the 21 St paragraph means that the music theaters in Russia is actually not open.

– All outraged by the formality of the item. As if writing it ignorant, which is an Opera never was. And what can you say about the other items?

– Take the makeup on the actors ‘ faces and gloves – I’m afraid it too will cause confusion among make-up artists. Much more effective each time treating his hands with antiseptic. Although it is, nevertheless, important in comparison with other provisions. Notice that some of them are thoroughly discussed. For example, specific characteristics of the performance of various musical instruments: where the air comes out where going to the condensate, what is the distance between the panels in the string, etc. At the same time, the construction of the screens above the bells of brass instruments will cause a fundamental change in the balance of orchestral sound. This new balance should be sought in rehearsals. But how it can be done if required for this work the orchestra at the rehearsals to collect is not allowed – only for concerts. By the way, and the performances? Not? Or forgot to mention?.

Similar issues arise in respect of item No. 20: “4 meters between the singing actors on the rehearsal.” If the rehearsals, the actors are unable to fulfill their roles within the framework of its staging, the performances of the inevitable inaccuracy and randomness. Order, and in fact there are rehearsals to performance, everything was perfect.

With one hand, so many detailed details in some paragraphs, but all the same ill-fated 21-th item is contained somehow in one fell swoop. In our “Khovanshchina” or “Hades” employs 120 artists of the choir, and in “elixir of Love” – 30. It’s fundamentally different choirs. A “mass scene” is how much? And in what area? After all, it is necessary to consider the size of the stage. For example, at the theater “School of modern drama” even 15 people is already widespread, and at the Historic Bolshoi theatre then 60 is not a mass.

Generally speaking, by observing the behaviour of people in the subway and on the terraces of restaurants or on public beaches, hearing the good news about the growing numbers of tourists, air and railway communication, so the precision requirements of the theaters seem to be somewhat inexplicable. Maybe there is a statistic that shows that COVID-19 as a particularly raspolagetsya in theatres, predominantly in the music? Well, that’s different.