the Leader of group “Nepara” Alexander Shoua decided to return to activity and presented the single “Another reason” – fresh version of the song, which in the beginning was an instant hit and brought the band victory at major music competitions. The song went in a completely different sound in a modern arrangement and with a new female vocal. According to the musician, will be followed by the album, which is now preparing to exit.

“Another reason” was the title track of the platinum album “Nepara” “Other family”. In the new work, besides it will include other hits of the collective, which is now also preparing for the anniversary tour. But in a changed composition. Taking this opportunity, “MK” asked Alexander a few questions about what is happening in his creative life.

Can we talk about the revival of the project “Nepara”? And what prompted you to this?

– Yes, the brand of “Nepara” revived, and most importantly updated. What made me realize this problem and revive this story? Firstly, the fact that these songs – an integral part of me, my story, life and my name. To lose her would be a big mistake (first of all, I would have betrayed the fans who still want to hear these songs). Speaking about the new album, it will be nostalgic. It’s nostalgia for a favorite tunes, the words are relevant now, in our time. For anyone who is a fan of the original “Nepara”, this story will probably be something new, unusual, but, hopefully, will cause pleasant sensations, and emotions from listening to be genuinely happy.

What is your concept?

Is the new sound, which became more relevant, modern. For almost 20 years, recording technology has gone far ahead, and we try to keep up with the times (laughs). The group will not be two people, but three, the singing is good, fresh. Remains a male vocal and two female vocals.

– How effective was the quarantine period?

– is not efficient. All my life, my whole being focused on live performances, I strive to share with people their emotions and thoughts through music. Of course, being in isolation, I used the opportunities I had, very often went to live in social networks and tried to support his fans, sharing with them positive emotions.

– Not afraid to return to the stage after the break, when it appeared so many new characters?

– And I never left. “Nepara” has been around for a long time, and my name, of course, associated with it, just since 2012, I performed as a solo artist. As for young artists, I just feel happy when I see decent, talented guys. We Ms.VEM in an amazingly interesting time: now on stage, there is an obvious interlocking style of the 80s, 90s and zero. Enough space for everyone under the sun and grateful listeners.