Alexander Ovechkin has told, how spends time in isolation

Athletes are people too and nothing human is alien to them. For example, a tennis player Daniil Medvedev has given the opportunity for hours on end playing the football game FIFA-20. The best in the history of the national team of Russia on football striker Alexander Kerzhakov have been studying foreign languages online. Biathletes of the Russian team take to the training in the forest only one, observing all precautions.

Ovechkin’s Wife reported the shortage of products in stores in USA

But the star hockey player, the leader of the club NHL Washington capitals Alexander Ovechkin almost has not parted with a grown son, Sergei, although on physical exertion also forgotten.

the first Question – about how the hockey player, the situation with toilet paper and buckwheat, rather amused interlocutor. As reported by Alexander to our reporter, that he and wife Anastasia full order:

– We care about creating a decent stock of everything required in advance. So once again to the supermarket, no need to go there. Now the main thing to observe simple safety rules, especially Nastya is expecting her second child, and it adds responsibility.

Judging by numerous photos in social networks, you spend time with his son Sergei?

Alexander Ovechkin Yeah, he’s not boring, lively guy. Playing with him all day, even train together. He does not let it go my putter.

You are trying to keep fit at home? How?

Alexander Ovechkin I Have the equipment, and I actively encourage everyone to follow the rule: train home – play for the whole world. You need to keep yourself in good physical condition. Training has not been canceled, although, of course, it’s not the load, to which we are accustomed.

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fresh air get out?

Alexander Ovechkin: of Course, but walking alone near the house. I believe that everyman today must protect themselves and their families. If these rules are adhered to, we will defeat any virus.

In the current regular NHL season you scored 48 goals. Is there any frustration that they were unable to overcome the barrier of 50 goals?

Alexander Ovechkin you Know, hockey can wait. Goals goals, but life and health is much more important.

still, if the season decides to resume what format would you prefer to finish?

Alexander Ovechkin Well, I guess it makes no sense to finish the regular season. You just start the Cup of Stanley. This is the right decision. But how it will be – time will tell. I repeat: take care of yourself and family.