The Airbus Beluga XL, registration F-GXLN, flew from Montoir to Albert in France on Friday (18 November). The landing went smoothly. But when the giant transporter wanted to turn at the end of the runway to leave the runway, a mishap happened.

The undercarriage of the 63 meter long special transporter came off the runway and got stuck in the mud. Nothing happened to anyone. But the plane is still stuck there.

As a result, no other aircraft can currently take off or land at Aéroport Albert-Picardie, which is home to aerostructure manufacturer Stelia Aerospace.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

Success for animal rights activists. The British king has banned foie gras from the palaces of his kingdom. This was confirmed by the animal rights organization PETA. Stuffing geese and ducks is considered cruel and illegal in the UK, but importing the product is not.

Just over ten million people watched “Wetten, dass…?” on Saturday evening with Thomas Gottschalk. The show was a clear winner – but lost a lot of ratings compared to the previous year.

After leaving Downing Street, Boris Johnson began a second, quite lucrative career. He gets an hourly wage of more than 37,000 euros. Travel and accommodation costs can also be paid additionally.

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The original of this article “Airbus Beluga XL has been stuck in the mud for two days” comes from aeroTelegraph.