War monuments in the United States has come to the statue of the famous Russian businessman, the first Main Governor of Russian settlements in North America, Alexander Baranov, who for the last thirty years, standing in Central Park of the city of Sitka in Alaska. In fact, the city itself was laid Baranov in 1799 and became the capital of Russian America. In these hours, reports TASS, the city Council ordered to move the monument to the local Museum because it was opposed by a group of activists representing indigenous people, the Tlingit, who take a dim view of the historical role of Baranov. However, the mayor of Sitka’s Gary Paxton in conversation with the Agency, admitted that he would like to leave all in their places, and as a compromise offered to set another monument – one of the representatives of the Tlingit to the issue resolved in an open and civilized manner.

seven members of the city Council, voting only one representative spoke against the dismantling of the monument. Previously, the Coordinating Council of Russian compatriots in the United States gathered has launched a petition for the preservation of the monument, it has been signed by nearly six thousand people. Historical records note that between the Russian settlers in America, and Tlingit in the 18th and 19th centuries really were armed clashes in which he participated personally and sheep. This relationship with the Aleuts developed a much more peaceful – they even played the Russian allies in the reflection lenkiski raids.

Russian settlements in Alaska were an integral part of the history of the region and, in particular, of Sitka, which until 1867 was named Novo-Arkhangel’sk and, in fact, required Baranov their appearance on the map of America. By the way, the permission to lay the Fort of the Archangel Michael Baranov received from the elders of the Tlingit. Another thing is that he was soon destroyed by the Indians, and after a few years the Russians have chosen to settle a new spot nearby. Recall that by order of the servants Baranov of the Russian-American company Commerce Counsellor Ivan Kuskov in 1812 was founded the Russian trading post of Fort Ross.