Turbulence of a different kind: Two pilots of an Airbus A320 had such an argument in Washington that the flight was no longer possible.

Delays can have all sorts of reasons. Bad weather, technical problems, a missed slot. But disputes among the pilots are probably among the rarest. But that’s exactly what happened with Alaska Airlines. After a dispute with his colleague, the captain simply got out and the airline had to find a new crew.

Even without the dispute, the plane had already been standing for an hour and a half on July 18 at the Washington take-off location. The reason was bad weather. In the end, the Airbus A320 was pushed back – only to then drive back to the gate. The captain’s subsequent announcement surprised even frequent flyers, who later shared their experience on social media.

He and his co-pilot would not manage to get along, the captain said over the loudspeakers. It is therefore in everyone’s interest and necessary for flight safety that he exit the aircraft. That’s what he did, as first reported by the One Mile at a Time portal. What the two argued about is not known.

Alaska Airlines confirmed the incident to the Business Insider portal. The pilots would have had a professional argument. They “did the right thing” and were classified as airworthy after an examination. Another crew finally brought the travelers two and a half hours late to their destination San Francisco on flight AS1080.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

The original of this article “Announcement surprised passengers: Pilot simply gets out again after a dispute” comes from aeroTelegraph.