Now it should go suddenly very quickly. That Apple will bring out a third Version of the Airpods on the market, in addition to Tech Fans speculating for a long time. Many rumors and Leaks suggest that this will soon be the case.

The well-known Leaker Ben Geskin believes to know that the Airpods Per already this week, will be presented and maybe even already on Friday in the trade. What is clear: A great Keynote from Apple, there are not like other years in October, perhaps with new products such as in the late spring is simply presented in several press releases. In addition to the Airpods maybe an Update for the iPad Pro, and for MacBook.

A first proof of the new Airpods has found that the magazine 9to5Mac in the beta version of the iPhone operating system. Many other Leaks to confirm this: The new Airpods look different than the previous headphones. This depends on the new function, namely, that you can press noise, so a Noise-Cancelling function. The earbuds need to be shielded better than in the past as well as possible to support the digital noise reduction.

Thus, Apple would loose a lot of other manufacturers of wireless In-Ear headphones distance, because only a few manufacturers such as Sony build such a function in such a small headphone. Thanks to the Noise Cancelling, the Airpods are likely to also get the Pro designation.

The Airpods Per could almost CHF 300 cost

Other new Features will be discussed among experts. So the headphones could be the first waterproof. Moreover, they come in all different colors on the market, so far, there were only white. It will then be truly free for each iPhone-11-model of a color matching headphone counterpart, would be almost too good to be true. We expect white and black, maybe with a matt-green, to match the third party iPhone 11 Pro.

The Airpods Per is likely to be more expensive than the previous models. The experts expect the 279 or 299 Swiss francs. The Airpods 2 with wireless charging function costs 229 francs, without wireless Charging 179 Swiss francs.