The Airlines long in the First-Class pass to act properly. The wealthy passengers paid in the year 2017, an average of 6797 Swiss francs for the luxury of travellers had to shell out in 2018 whopping 8549 francs for the flight. This is a premium of nearly 26 per cent, or 1752 Swiss francs compared to the previous year.

The reasons for this: Many Airlines have their first class modernized. Much more space, deck area and entertainment, significantly less seats. In addition, the companies are apparently willing to pay the higher prices. The trade magazine “Travel Inside”, writes in the current issue. It is the evaluation of the data by Airplus International travel, a processor of payments for business, under the magnifying glass taken.

increased spending, despite more wood class

Add to this, however, is that companies allow their employees for flights under six hours more and more frequently, Economy fly. Earlier this limit was at around four hours.

The proportion of Business Class Tickets is still great drops, but slow – 2018 from 50 percent to 48.6 percent. For the wood class have increased Tickets by 48.7 percent to 50.3 percent. Overall, expenses for business trips are for the second Time in a row, slightly on the Rise.

In Switzerland, most of the business instead of trips from Zurich. At Zurich airport, the cheap airlines are represented, but poorly, in contrast to Basel or Geneva. For this, there are more and more cheap deals for traditional Airlines.