Airlines: vouchers instead of refund

Because of the worldwide air traffic has come in the Wake of the Corona-pandemic practically to a Standstill, demanding tens of thousands for a refund of her Tickets from the Airlines travelers. However, although their demands are right, adorn the airlines to meet their obligations. Because: you Would pay each customer for the full price, so the existence could be threatening for you – to the Annoyance of the passengers remain so for the time being, on their expenditure sit.

one Particularly controversial aspect of this Situation is, according to a Hamburg lawyer that, according to article eight of the European air passenger rights regulation, Airlines must reimburse for cancelled flights, the ticket price in full and within seven days! Exactly to work around this, many providers now on coupons and transfers that you offer to your customers. It is clear, however: A voucher you do not need to accept.

How it goes now, it remains to be seen. For consumer advocates, the only solution lies “in a state Fund from which the redemption claims of the customer are to be settled” (world). The only way to comply with the Rights of the customer and at the same time, Airlines and travel agencies before the Broke store.

car sharing: How providers on the crisis

The public life in Germany since the outbreak of the Corona Virus largely paralyzed. Many people work from home, commuting time, and, therefore, the daily Commute by car, train or Bus. Which results in at least two of the three described means less fine dust pollution in the cities, is on the hardness testing for car-sharing provider.

ways Because of the restrictions on freedom of movement and the impact on the work of many companies, to drop any amount of professional and leisure trips away. Companies such as Cambio, Miles, or Car2Go in spite of additional hygiene measures in their vehicles, partly to drops in sales of up to 80 percent. According to Wirtschaftswoche, Germany’s largest provider of Share Now wants to take a portion of his fleet for the time being from the operation.

In the car itself would rule according to Professor Dirk Bockmühl, a specialist for Hygiene and Microbiology at Rhine-Waal University, little risk of Infection, because they are frequented by fewer people, as, for example, public transport. It is important, however, is that it cleans in front of the travel Wheel and buttons, and after the journey, the hands washed.

Federal government supports Start-ups with two billion

The economy is suffering under the measures to contain the Coronavirus and with your freelancers, self-employed and Start-Ups. However, while the Federal government has put together large care packages to support the most affected occupational group and economic activities, young, up-and-coming, and innovative companies often take a Look. Days like this show) would apply, according to the Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, “many of the classical credit instruments” in the case of Start-ups frequently (.

in order for the often destitute companies that have little financial cushion, are now trapped also, the Federal government is working together with the development Bank KfW, on a ten-billion-dollar future Fund, which should be according to Altmaier soon. The planned two billion Euro represent the first Tranche of the aid package.

This article was written by DOUGH editorial

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