Since mid-July and may resume flights abroad. The opportunity study of major Russian airlines, said an informed source “Interfax”.

“we are developing mechanisms to several major carriers to resume flights to international destinations from July 15 provided a stable positive dynamics to reduce the number of cases of new coronavirus infection, and in compliance with on-Board sanitary rules,” – said the source Agency.

the First can resume flights to the countries of the EurAsEC and the CIS. As the opening of borders with other countries, will resume flights with them.

Recall that the international air were stopped by Russia in late March due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Left only charters for the return of Russian citizens. The transport Ministry hope for the resumption of international transportation since July.

a Source at one major airline reported that the Federal air transport Agency will send a proposal to the CPS on the partial opening of international flights from July 15. But in the Ministry this information is not yet confirmed.

Earlier in Rospotrebnadzor “RG” reported that, together with Rosaviation updated recommendations for air transport. In this position of the Federal air transport Agency the following: “the Available evidence suggests that the risk of transmission on Board an aircraft is small even without special measures.

According to experts, the reasons for the low probability of transmission in flight is related to the fact that on Board the aircraft combines several factors that impede the direct spread of the viral infection. First and foremost, this is due to the layout of aircraft: passenger seats are arranged in the same direction (not face to face). In addition, physical barriers between the passengers are provided with seat backs and passengers generally remain in place after Seating throughout the flight (except a visit to the sanitary block).

Another key factor for ensuring the protection lies in the direction and the characteristics of the air flow in the plane. Thus, in contrast to the public buildings and offices, the distribution of the air flow on Board the aircraft takes place from ceiling to floor, flow rate is much higher and the air is constantly being updated (there is a continuous intake and discharge of air from the outside). Contamination of the supply air is prevented due to the presence of HEPA filters, which are installed on all modern aircraft and reliably prevent any air pollution, including pathogenic microorganisms”.