The Airline People’s sets in the future on the airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein. And managed a niche that has become in the past, becoming more and more lucrative. Not least during the WEFs of the airport, as the Airline for the People’s Holding is playing an increasingly important role.

in addition to the parade route Altenrhein-Wien the small Airline continues to draw on seasonal and holiday flights, for example to Ibiza (Spain), Pula (Croatia) or Cagliari (I). Will be flown with an Embraer 170.

However, The holiday flights from the airports of Memmingen (D), Bern, Salzburg (A), and Vienna will no longer be offered, however, as the company writes in a message. “In the long term, this offer can not be profitable to operate,” it is called. In addition, the conditions, the claim would be full.

uncertainties due to the C02 output

Specifically: “From next year, the financial contributions of the Federal government for air traffic control are reduced substantially,” writes People’s. “In addition to political discussions about which of the eleven Swiss regional airports should be supported by the Federal government in the future to run.”

at the same time is still open whether and to what extent the recently adopted CO2-levy on airline tickets and air transport are collected in fact, and thus the passenger and the number of flights to have a negative impact. This has consequences: The second aircraft, the Airline is no longer needed. Five employees will lose their Job.

focus on the Region of Eastern Switzerland

Thomas Krutzler, CEO of the People’s Air Group, said: “We want to hire us to be financially sustainable on developments in our industry. We follow consistently our currency, that we continue as a niche carrier on quality instead of quantity. Our full focus is on the core business.” The focus is in the future, solely the main connection to Vienna and the holidays from St. Gallen-Altenrhein.

People’s returns back to its roots. In Altenrhein, 2011, started it all. From the beginning it was the idea of People’s to be as a regional service provider Partner for the regional economy. “For the continued great need – and we will focus on in the future.”