Terrible scenes played out on Board the Russian Aeroflot machine. Panic, Fear, Cries For Help. After a hard emergency landing the plane was in flames. The fuel tank had burst. The plane was within a few seconds to a deadly trap. Of the 78 people on Board, 41 have been killed.

Only the passengers in the front rows survived the Inferno. Hardly anyone from number 11 had a chance of Survival. Also, because the only exit was blocked. Because while the people burn in the rear part of the miserable, and save the passengers at the front first, your hand baggage. Images of the evacuation show how people with suitcases, bags and backpacks, the burning of the machine via an emergency slide to leave.

the following rule applies in the case of an evacuation, quite clearly: “The hand baggage must be left behind in an emergency situation. Important documents can be replaced – human life,” says Swiss-media spokesperson Karin Müller to VIEW. Luggage, rule on any flight

stresses In such a exceptional situation to try to protect Good, although a natural reaction. But just in case of an evacuation, this is not forbidden. Therefore, will pointed out for some time on Swiss flights, “that, in the unlikely event of an evacuation, you must allow the hand Luggage back”.

Not an easy task for the cabin crew. Therefore, there is every year a two-day training. “Among other things, the evacuation of an aircraft is practiced under the influence of various conditions, the crews best prepare possible to any emergency situations,” said Swiss spokeswoman.

The objective: Within 90 seconds, the aircraft has to be evacuated. This is an international Standard.

But “fortunately, the Swiss had to evacuate for some time not a plane more,” explains Müller. This was not, however, listen to no reason for the passengers during the safety instructions before each Start. Because not all instructions are the same. “We recommend passengers to follow the flight shown in the safety instructions, because even within the same aircraft type, they may differ due to different expansion types,” explains the Swiss spokeswoman. In addition, the instructions not last long and can save lives.