Airbus suspends production in France and Spain

Airbus will stop production and Assembly at its plants in France and Spain in the next four days in connection with measures against coronavirus.

“After taking in France and Spain new measures to curb the pandemic COVID-19 Airbus has decided to temporarily suspend production and Assembly on their French and Spanish sites for the next four days,” said the Airbus.

“This will allow sufficient time to implement the strict conditions of health and safety from the point of view of hygiene, cleaning and isolation, while increasing the efficiency of work in new conditions, — said the European aircraft manufacturer. In these countries, the company will also continue to maximize the work at home where possible”.

“Airbus is also working with its customers and suppliers to minimize the impact of this decision on their activities”, — stated in the message.

the Global spread COVID-19 has hit the aviation industry. According to the International air transport Association (IATA), a passenger airline in 2020 can lose up to 113 billion dollars in revenue due to the effects of the virus.

because of restrictions on movement and a General decline in demand, the carriers were forced to cut the number of flights, which is reflected in the demand of the airlines for planes.