Airbus stopped production in China due to coronavirus

the Corporation announced the suspension of work of factory in China, producing series aircraft A320, while not naming the timing of the resumption of production.

the press service of Airbus has announced that production at the plant in Tianjin “currently stopped”. The company noted that restrictions on flights within China and international flights, “present certain logistical problems” for Airbus. The company also said that “complies with the requirements of the Chinese government” in terms of remote working staff in Tianjin.

In Airbus previously planned to increase production of the A320 factory in Tianjin, up to 6 aircraft per month in the framework of the goal to increase global production to 63 aircraft per month in 2021 given the current situation Arbus, most likely, will not be able to implement these plans.

Previously, the decision to extend the process of stopping production for a longer period after the start of the new year celebration in China was reported in the Boeing Corporation.

during a press conference on January 29, the representatives of Toyota announced the extension of the suspension of four companies for manufacturing cars in China because of the situation with coronavirus. The cessation of production of motorcycle enterprises in Taicang and Tianjin, on 4 February, as reported in the company Honda.