Private rent Private: This model promises benefits for both sides. The benefits of affordable, fully furnished and centrally located accommodation, the other earned a financial Boost.

But this idea behind the platform Airbnb, the reality is always less. Instead you and I are a professional provider, cavorting more on the booking platform. You make from former residential houses, tourist accommodation, the previous tenants have left behind, as the current example from Lucerne shows (VIEW reported).

at the same time the supply of all housing, compared to single rooms, more. This tendency shows in Zurich, Basel and Geneva.

Airbnb competes with the rental market

That is, Airbnb is not only a competition for the traditional hotel industry, but also for tenants. The feared result of a shortage in the rental market, and rising prices. In Germany, Airbnb is fighting for the first time with a study against this accusation. Therefore, they contribute in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dortmund, and between 2.1 and 4.4 per cent of the housing shortage.

Airbnb is no longer a niche, the Numbers of the Valais tourism Observatory show. 2018, the platform was already 34 percent of the bed supply in the Swiss hotel sector. A year previously, Airbnb had a share of a quarter. Almost half of the hosts now several of the objects on the platform. Rare Private, the rent in your home a rooms be.

Airbnb brings Luzernern about 16 million Swiss francs

the Swiss market has developed, also show Figures of the data analysis company AirDNA. In July 2018 Airbnb was one of them, according to some 30’000 objects and more than 80’000 beds. The end of the year, there were already nearly 6000 more. The landlord vigorously cash. About 470 million Swiss francs, the Swiss took between mid-2017 and 2018, with the rent of your living space on Airbnb as a whole.

The most money, with around 47 million francs flowed in Interlaken, BE. Lucerne is in the revenue-ranking with 16.2 million Swiss francs in seventh place. Currently, the data analysis company AirDNA counts for Lucerne 632 rental offers. Two-thirds of them entire homes. The average number of guests in the Reuss river town of just under 190 Swiss francs for an Overnight stay.

Professional landlords and managers

The professionalization of Airbnb make enterprising use of it. Including HIT Rental. Founded in 2011, the company already offers over 200 apartments in Basel, Lucerne, Zug, Zurich and Cham. On Lucerne the offers of Keyforge limited. The company has since 2016, and provides among its 16 apartments.

another business has developed around the professional management. Who does not want to provide for the marketing, handing over of the key, or cleaning, you can assign these tasks to a specialized company. Airhosted takes the Job in Zurich.

The landlord to pay, depending on the package between 17 and 30 percent of the revenue. Internationally active in Switzerland, Keys’n’Fly is located. The Geneva draw in a charge of 7 percent on each booking. “No hidden costs” – that is your promise.

Even Airbnb itself involved in the management of the business. So the booking platform acquired at the end of 2018, the French Startup Luckey Homes.