According to Lufthansa, it could also be difficult in European air traffic in the coming year. Above all, Lufthansa boss calls for better cooperation in air traffic control.

The planned expansion of the flight offer at Lufthansa to an average of 85 percent of the volume from the pre-crisis year 2019 will bring everyone involved to their limits, said CEO Carsten Spohr in an interview with the German Press Agency.

“By not fully increasing our offer next year to the level of 2019, there is already the first buffer,” said the Lufthansa boss. His company is currently hiring around 1,000 new people every month and has invested heavily in IT systems. Ultimately, you have to rely on all the service providers, manufacturers and authorities involved to do their homework. “Air traffic is a highly complex system and a major challenge every day, especially due to scarce resources. Probably next year too, ”said the Lufthansa boss.

Spohr reported that talks are being held with air traffic control about controlling the airspace in the coming year. The pilots would have to be used more efficiently and across borders in Europe. He criticized the inconsistent airspace in Europe and the lack of cooperation between the national air traffic control organizations. Because of inefficient routes, around 10 percent more fuel is still being used in Europe than is technically necessary. “A single European sky is the largest single measure to reduce CO2 that has not been implemented in Europe for decades.”