the International day For protection of children Internet portal “Technoscape”. The project is organized by “Digital business space.”

portal videos — famous fairy tale in an unusual interpretation. Among them is “the frog Princess”, “hare’s hut”, “Teremok”, “the Ugly duckling”, “Aybolit”, “the Gingerbread man”, “the wolf and the seven little goats”, “Cinderella” and “Princess Nesmeyana”.

All the stories have received a new interpretation with an emphasis on technology development. So, Dr. Dolittle appears unmanned vehicle, the Gingerbread man is gyrometers, and the mansion turns into the chat of the housemates. The frog Princess is studying filters in social network “Instagram”, and Ivan ordered lunch via the Internet. Goats saved from the Wolf, the recorded voice of their mother on tape, using a bell with a GPS tracker.

Cinderella graduated from high school on the online platform and gets on the TV show “Cinderella-2020”. At the ball she sent in the form of a hologram, and the Prince finds her on the IP address of shoes. A Princess of Atlantis will be entertained by a talking squirrel in a cage where Alice and bloggers.

the Authors of fairy tales — children’s writers, teachers, inventors and even athletes. Has recorded music for children movie actors and actors of the Moscow drama theater on Perovskaya, the Moscow theatre of musical, theatre “Commonwealth Taganka actors” and “Our house”.

the project anyone can join. It is enough to record a video version of one of the works with modern additions and share it in social networks. The best stories will add to the online encyclopedia “Digital business space.”

the Project is dedicated to the online forum.

It will be held June 1 from 10:00 to 14:00. On the online platform will meet young entrepreneurs, public figures, writers, actors and bloggers. To join the event, you must register and go to the link that will be sent to participants.

“the Digital business space” is a project of the Agency of innovation of Moscow, subordinate to the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovation. 2017 here has passed more than 1,3 thousand events — conferences, forums, festivals, lectures, workshops, hackathons, quests, film screenings and concerts. Innovative urban Playground was designed to connect entrepreneurs, startups, investors, journalists, musicians, Directors, actors and designers.

More than 15 thousand people have signed up to the networking platform “Digital business space” Muscovites will offer themes for the events of “Digital business space.”