“I can inform relieved that we can leave this conflict behind us now,” said SAS chief Rickard Gustafson on late Thursday evening on a several-hours delayed press conference in Solna, near Stockholm. You have signed a three year agreement.

Details remained unclear. Before the strike the parties under the mediation of a conciliator, almost one and a half days, had negotiated behind closed doors in Oslo.

The pilot strike had ensured that a number of leisure and business Sassen travelers at the airports of Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and elsewhere in Scandinavia. Since the pilots had placed on the last Friday for your work, had failed up to and including Thursday 4015 flights, more than 380’000 passengers were affected, including multiple Connections in Switzerland. SAS partners powered plane could be used for lifting. SAS self-cost of the pilot strike of a million amount.

The Scandinavian pilot unions, representing 545 Norwegian, 492 Swedish and 372 Danish pilots have demanded 13 percent more pay and a better predictability of the working hours. The pilots want to be compensated for wage cuts and other concessions that were made in 2012, as it was went to the company financially. SAS maintains that the claims would result in substantial increases in costs for the airline, the long-term competitiveness of the company and the jobs of all the SAS employees at risk.