Agent Christian Emile, representing the CSKA forward Fyodor Chalova and helped Leonid Slutsky to find a job in England, in an interview “RG” told about how he started working with Talovym and why the Slutsky else would you offer from Europe.

About the form Chalova

– Before signing the contract with Fedor I watched his game. Seen matches in the Champions League, the Europa League. I liked that in 20 years he’s so cool, do not loiter on the field. The scouts of our Agency was confident that Chalova has everything to play for leading European leagues. So we began to take steps to sign an agreement with him. Fedor isn’t so much scored, as a year ago? Too early to draw conclusions. First- Chalov still young, second season not complete. Interest in him from Europe. The main question now is how the coronavirus pandemic will affect the solvency of clubs is whether they will be able to lay out large sums. Here is what to think about.

About the European career of Leonid Slutsky

– In the “hull” the circumstances are against you. The club owner sold the summer of 14 players, the team was in the first division. Leonid had to build everything from scratch. It is not so easy. As for “Vitesse”, the Dutch stage career Slutsky is considered successful. In his debut season he led the team to the playoffs. Next year the club in some time, was the first in the table, showing a very bright football. But then several leaders were injured, which affected the result. Another important point: this is the Slutsky decided to leave Vitesse. The club wanted him to stay.

About the possible interest in Slutsk from Europe

– I’m Sure European clubs will be interested in Slutsk. He is young by coaching standards, charismatic, good summary. By the way, immediately after the departure of “Vitesse” he was offered a contract with the Greek AEK, but he chose “ruby”. Citizens of Kazan have big ambitions. The near future Slutsky associates only with his current team.

About the interest of European top clubs to the Russian players

– In Russia always there were many talented players. Just top European teams always have a doubt – can the Russians to adapt to new conditions. In addition, your clubs get paid a decent amount and require a lot of money for their players. In Europe is considered the risk to take the Russians. However, after a successful performance at the home world Championships and the success of Alexander Golovin in Monaco, the European clubs have slightly changed their attitude to the Russians.