After Stefan Mross laughed about Estefania Wollny on “Always Again on Sundays”, Silvia Wollny’s daughter let her frustration out on Instagram. But now she has received mail from the lawyer and is apparently no longer allowed to comment.

These two are obviously no longer best friends: there is a bad air between Estefania Wollny, daughter of the head of the extended family Silvia Wollny, and folk music legend Stefan Mross. A lawyer is said to have been called in.

When “Always Sundays” presenter Stefan Mross announced the guest list for the following week and read her name, he had to laugh. Estefania and her mother Silva were anything but enthusiastic about this obvious slip.

Actually, the young up-and-coming singer had hoped that the moderator’s statements were based on a misunderstanding and that she did not have to comment. On Instagram she explained to her fans about the situation: “I don’t think it’s really good now because I think you just can’t do that.” She had hoped for an apology from his side, but was disappointed.

Estefania Wollny continued: “That would have been the only thing I expected. That he apologizes and just says ‘It wasn’t meant that way’. If there’s nothing behind it, then that’s no problem. But something like that just didn’t happen and I personally think that’s a shame. Because he’s a grown man and I think that’s the least you can do in a situation like that.”

Her frustration goes even further. Mross called her management and her mother and assured both of them that Estefania would be treated the same way as all other guests on the actual show. On site, however, the singer was then ignored and is now handing out to Mross: “I didn’t think the behavior was really professional. I wasn’t even noticed on stage. All the artists got high fives and I was ignored. I found that very provocative and very discriminatory towards me,” says Wollny.

Shortly after she had vented her anger, Estefania reported to her Instagram followers again, according to “”: “We have just received a letter from a lawyer and we have – in German – received a muzzle and are allowed to go to the I don’t want to comment on the whole thing for now,” said the 20-year-old.

So is Mross not only a bad, but also an offended host? Unclear, he himself has not yet commented on the Wollny Gate. However, it should be considered certain that Estefania will not appear on his show anytime soon.

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