In the may holidays Russia joined with a partially decapitated the government. A positive analysis of Michael mishustina for the coronavirus — this is a personal drama for me the Prime Minister is deeply respected and professional drama for the whole of the top of the Cabinet. But these are features mishustina: even his illness could have a positive influence on the political and epidemiological processes in the country.

Before the arrival last month of spring in Russia reigned pronounced demob mood. Disease carefully beregovskogo from the epidemic of the second person in the state have had a sobering effect on those who for some reason decided that the bulk associated with a coronavirus problem is over. What we have seen so far is only the beginning. The berries are still ahead.

Despite his illness Michael mishustina, the reins of the Russian government are in very safe hands. It sounds as banal and meaningless excuse, but, nevertheless, is completely untrue.

the New acting Prime Minister of Russia Andrei Belousov, a bird very high-flying, one of the most brilliant and profound of specialists in Economics in the country. Comes from an illustrious academic dynasty (his father REM had participated in the preparation of economic reforms predsovmina the USSR Alexei Kosygin, his brother Dmitry — also a well-known economist) Andrey Belousov has a rare gift: to explain in simple words the difficult economic matter that they become understandable even to laymen in Economics. Another important features Belousov: as Mikhail Mishustin, he pronounced a workaholic, paying close attention to details.

getting started Andrei Belousov in the Cabinet of Mikhail mishustina was not cloudless. These two strong and solid shapes are passed through a period which, my companion from the highest echelons of power was delicately described as a period of “mutual adaptation”. But now this period seems to have come to an end.

Belousov took it for granted that the government has only one head, which is not covered. And Mishustin strengthened the opinion that in the face of Andrey Belousova, he is a very knowledgeable and competent subordinate. Of course, after receiving the rank of acting Prime Minister Belousov became his own boss. But despite the official presidential decree, it is largely a Convention.

Mishustin belongs to the type of leader who is not able to stop to steer, even while in a hospital bed. The paralysis of the government apparatus or a vacuum of power in the White house, however.

In the physical sense the “vacuum” in the White house now, however, is present. May 1 and 2 in the building is routine disinfection. Soon, however, “remained in the ranks of” government leaders will once again be able to gain access to their offices.

All, of course, are concerned about do not appear in their number of new cases? As shown by the example of the Prime Minister mishustina, the coronavirus is able to overcome even the strongest obstacles. But in the last few weeks the Prime Minister, as I was told at work “live” communicated only with the technical staff of your machine. All the talk of Michael mishustina with his deputies and other prominent inhabitants of the White house held using remote tools connections. All this is encouraging.

But the overall situation in the country at the beginning of may holidays, on the contrary, causes me serious concern. Russia is tired of coronavirus — ‘m tired of sitting in four walls, tired of being afraid.

Officially, the country still has strict quarantine measures. But de facto these strict quarantine measures were spur of the moment to act on the initiative from below. The other day I got a call from the salon Chinese massage. The administrator said that at the request of the leadership, they conducted a “poll” of former customers: are they ready to visit the salon, if it “suddenly becomes available”?

Out of context of the conversation clearly followed: if I have such a desire, then head to the Spa, it is currently possible now. And after a few hours I did and votsap from an unknown number: “hi, honey! This is Masha, the managing of the Spa. Ready to send you one or two masseuses for erotic massage. In case you are interested I’d be happy to send photos of their girls.”

All these small incidents are, of course, a distinct comical character. But at the same time they are proof by many experts forecast: economy cannot indefinitely “to sit at home and twiddle”. Sooner or later, in spite of the strictest edicts from the very top, the economy will start to tamosauskas. It seems to me, and is happening before our eyes.

Knowing where the wind blows, the government offered the country a kind of temporary version of the social contract: you “observe themselves” during the may holidays, and we will try to begin a phased easing of restrictions after. Sounds like a reasonable political deal. But whether the audience to adhere to their end of the bargain and whether the power mine?

Putin Recently advised the interested persons to understand how we have a situation with coronavirus, to perform the figures. Here is the most primitive of these possible analyses. Of the approximately three million people who fell ill with the coronavirus worldwide, about a million already recovered. And here are the statistics for Russia on 1 may: ill SVabove 114 thousand, recovered more than 13 thousand. I can feel the difference, do you agree?

Coronavirus to not care that he is tired of a large part of the population of Russia. To the coronavirus Russia is still “not tired”. He intends to continue to rage in our area, not sparing even those who, like Mikhail Mishustin is at the top of the pyramid of the Russian authorities.

then what is the reason for the conciliatory statements of the Russian authorities and their willingness to discuss the gradual easing of restrictions? Part of the answer to this question lies in the word “phased”. This vague wording allows for a million different interpretations.

But according to my instincts, is another part of the answer. The government understands that if you can’t stop a process, it should be lead. Unlike other, more lucky countries like Vietnam or New Zealand, we have failed to crush the coronavirus one strict quarantine. The country is forced to switch to hybrid forms of the epidemic, to coexist with the virus, if you want.

I know about this development, I would say my childhood friend Slavik from Alma-ATA. In recent weeks we’ve been texting on social networks and he is always not in our favor compared Kazakh and Russian version of quarantine: “we Have in the yard impossible to escape – just accept the police. I have a month to wife was not seen. She remained in the country, and I’m in the town. And the city is all closed and cordoned off, no I can’t not be, nor she to me.

And you, as I’m looking to move as and where you want! And this despite the fact that we have infected the account goes on thousand, and you have tens of thousands! All this is strange!”

I’m Sorry, Slava, but I don’t quite agree with the criticisms of the Russian forms of quarantine. With the exception of certain territories, neither Chinese nor Kazakh version of quarantine in Russia is impossible. From China we are distinguished by a different mentality of the population from Kazakhstan is another population of largest cities.

the Fact that the government is ready to discuss the gradual easing of restrictions is not cowardice and not “capitulation under the pressure of the crowd.” It is a sober recognition of reality. Of course, it is very bad that while this reality includes the continued epidemic of coronavirus. But another reality we have. Will have to learn to live — and not just being cooped up in this.