Ostend, Carine Van Loocke made Tuesday a very special find on the beach, and the Oosteroever. It seems to be the use of a compass to go for from a British bomber from the Second world War.

In February, Sean Huwel a vliegtuigband at the Oosteroever.That turned out to be a Halifax bomber came to be. Tuesday was Carine Van Loocke in the same place, on the shore of a copper pot. She put the fossil in the group, the Clean Beach, the Runners, and several people have found that there is a link to a bomber during the Second world War. In the invention, are, after all, still figures to be visible, such as the ” AM ” stands for Air Ministry or the Uk ministry of aviation), but it also has a serial number. The search was quickly made by the use of a compass that was used by the British RAF, which is typical for a large aircraft such as the Lancasters and the Halifaxen.