On Wednesday morning, emergency services had to start killing numerous turkeys. Bird flu has spread to a farm in the Börde district.

At a turkey breeding facility in Wieglitz (Börde district), 20,000 animals (10,000 chicks and 10,000 turkeys) had to be killed. The reason: The stock tested positive for bird flu. Therefore, veterinarians and specialist companies had already started to gas the breed on Wednesday.

Firefighters had to set up a sluice for disinfecting the trucks in order to then be able to remove the carcasses from the yard. In addition, a protection zone was set up around the village. For the operator of the turkey farm, the incident was doubly bad, since his farm had already been infected by the virus in 2020.

Fortunately, only eleven animals tested positive in the adjacent Bad Kösen zoo. Although these also had to die, the other turkeys were quarantined first.