The FCC is not only sporty in a big crisis, also the still-unresolved allegations against the under-19 coach Kenny Verhoene (46) and the demand of the Ultras, that managing Director Chris Forester (48) takes a step back, deal with the table last.

IMAGE asked Forester back?

The Director: “I’m not the type that runs away when it becomes uncomfortable. We had a very successful time, which we all thoroughly enjoyed also. But the football phase is like this, which is an enormously difficult, through together. How do I set myself to my tasks, so I put myself on my own responsibility. I did on the meeting of the members and I’m also against the shareholders of the FCC, whose confidence I feel clearly.“

The other shareholders are also nothing else remains but to spare! Because between Ranger and Jena-Investor Roland Duchatelet (73), there is a very close bond. However, the Ultras, in the meantime, no matter. They are demanding that the FCC “is the latest in the medium term, even without Roland Duchatelet competitive”.