The murder at the Frankfurt Central station stirs up the people. And a community coming to terms with the fact, in the focus, although you can’t blame the Eritreans. Alone, that the mentally ill offender out of the country originates in the Horn of Africa, meets the right circles to defame the Diaspora package.

shortly after the murder, the Zurich SVP reported in a media release, you criticize has always been the “flap asylum policy towards Eritreans”. The heinous act to show once more that it is “such persons have, to not-to-integrate perpetrators of violence, who have lost in Switzerland”.

While many point fingers at the Eritreans, know the least of what’s going on in their Community at all, how they live and sometimes suffer.

Many Eritreans have traumatic experience

the fact is: The Eritrean community in Switzerland has grown strongly. Almost 40’000 Eritreans live here, you are for years, the largest asylum group.
But really all of them are not arrived. Work restrictions, lack of experience and lack of language skills make it difficult to economic Integration.

add to that: Many Eritreans have had a traumatic experience. An often months-long escape through the desert, across the sea, torture in Libyan refugee camps, the experiences of the year, can pull a long emotional suffering. And only the least talk. Because of the strong, traditionally-oriented society of the Eritreans mental illnesses are a taboo.

The white also Fana Asefaw, a senior child and adolescent psychiatrist in the Clienia clinic Winterthur: “The Eritreans have a majority have a negative attitude to mental illness. If you develop symptoms, you have worry and fear of discrimination and isolate themselves.” This, in turn, can result in mental problems become chronic decorate and the social and professional Integration will be difficult.

“Particularly vulnerable persons”

Asefaw treated per week, up to ten Refugees from the country in which it is born, a large part of the children, young people and women. They observed that the hurdles in the integration process, strengthening their mental health problems often still, and calls for more deals that are aimed on the Affected – for example, with interpreter services.

The Swiss refugee aid, the similar. Peter Meier, head of asylum policy, warns: “In the case of asylum seekers with mental disabilities are particularly vulnerable persons.”

This needs to be taken into account in the accommodation and supervision is mandatory. Central is also that mental disorders in refugees can be diagnosed as early as possible.

“We hatred that.”

this is Precisely where the problem is. A study commissioned by the Federal office for the health, determined in 2018, that there is a lack in German of the Swiss asylum centres on the early detection and care of traumatized asylum seekers must be improved. The study estimates that up to 60 per cent of all asylum-seekers to trauma suffering.

That the Eritreans since the fact of Frankfurt under General suspicion, feel the Community, in places, dramatically. The Eritrean media, Federal government, for example, a group that campaigns for the country people in Switzerland, is confronted with insults and death threats. Speaker Yonas Gebrehiwet: “We hatred that.” The responses showed that the Swiss society has a problem with Racism. “We are appalled at how right-wing politicians exploit the case.” The thoughts of all Eritreans are the Victims.

against the wind of the community suggests currently in asylum policy. Switzerland has tightened their practice in relation to Eritrean refugees last and continues now with a significantly tighter pace than most EU countries. So the Federal government, including more and more Eritreans with the Argument that a homecoming was in principle reasonable.

Forced deportation procedures, however, are still not possible. And voluntarily hardly a Eritreans will return. Because of human rights violations, torture and forced labour in the Horn of Africa remains on the agenda.