The newly married FDP leader Christian Lindner does not seem to like wearing his wedding ring very much. His wife, the “Welt” journalist Franca Lehfeldt, is totally blown away by her.

After the wedding with Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (43), reporter Franca Lehfeldt (33) proudly posted her right ring finger on Instagram. With the word “complete” she captioned the picture, on which her glittering engagement ring and her wedding ring set with many small diamonds could be seen.

In contrast to Lehfeldt, however, Lindner should also feel “complete” without the ring. Because according to “” information, the politician does not like himself with a ring. He will therefore not wear his simple, silver specimen for long, it is said follow very carefully…

However, it will be a while before Lindner returns to day-to-day political business. For the next few days, he and his newly wed wife will stay on the island of Sylt to honeymoon. And who knows – maybe the Federal Minister of Finance will even get used to his wedding ring during these days.

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