Markus Beginning is the new head coach of Dynamo Dresden! The coach who was released in November because of a fake vaccination card at Werder Bremen has found a new club. FOCUS Online has collected parts of the reactions from the network.

Seven months after his vaccination card scandal at Werder Bremen, second division relegated Dynamo Dresden signed Markus Beginning as the new head coach. Beginning resigned as a coach at Bremen in November after the public prosecutor’s office launched investigations into the use of a fake vaccination card.

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The Bremen district court sentenced him to a fine of 36,000 euros in total. The sports court of the DFB banned him as a coach for a year and is suspending this sentence as of today, Friday, so that Beginning can coach a professional club again.

“I am very grateful to those responsible at Dynamo Dresden for this opportunity. It’s an exciting and challenging task.” Anfang brings his long-time assistant coach Florian Junge to Dresden. In the social media, the rapid return to the coaching bench was initially met with incomprehension.

Sports journalist Robert Hunke writes: “If the World Cup wasn’t in Qatar, it would start today. Instead, on such a day, Markus Anfang is presented as the new coach in Dresden. I want to cry.” Other Twitter users are also negatively surprised that Beginning is back in the coaching chair for the coming season.

For example, a user writes: “The problem is not that Markus Anfang gets a new 2nd chance at some point, but that he gets the 2nd chance again so quickly.”

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