In spite of multiple cancelled bicycle race, and a world of sport that is close to being stalled, the world over, the organisers of Paris-Nice have chosen to continue with the conduct of the race.

nonetheless, the u.s. cykelstjerne Tejay van Garderen chose not to put at the start by the race’s fifth stage on Thursday. It joins several media, including the French L’after a slump.

EC-Education First-the rider fears not to be able to return to the UNITED states.

It happens in the wake of president Donald Trumps decision to suspend all flights between Europe and the UNITED states.

the Measure takes effect Friday midnight, and even though it is not prohibited for americans to travel, calling Trump them to let be.

Van Garderen was number 68 in the four last stages, where his primary role was to help the captain Sergio Higuita to win the French stage race.

Wednesday was a fabulous day in the French for the Danish riders, when Søren Kragh Andersen won the time trial, and Kasper Asgreen was number three.

If the rest of the stages are executed, ending the French stage race on Sunday, but in the course of the last few days, some of the riders stated that they do not believe that the race is run to the end.